I an an artisan, composing the images of my imagination.


On this planet people communicate in many ways, words, music, gestures. I prefer sculpture. Inspiration comes from almost anything, nature, architecture, emotion, or even a logo seen on a t shirt. Cutting, bending, shaping, grinding, welding and assembling the parts to form the shapes. Adding color to highlight the contours and enhance the negative space completes it. Light and shadows as the time of day and the seasons change bring the piece to life.


Everyone sees something a little different in my works, which is good because we are all unique. Vivid colors and fanciful pieces, whether tucked into a corner of a landscape, or a focal point in their home, they are meant to bring a smile to someones’ face. If it does that, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do.

Life is short, enjoy it!


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